ooc rant (not a hate post)

for the life of me I can’t ship makorra, i just can’t i don’t know what it is about the ship, and i don’t hate it mostly because  I respect the people that do ship makorra, but I can’t find out when korra started liking Mako, I mean based on the other avatars it was mostly love at first sight

mostly I’m thinking of Avatar Roku and Avatar Aang, there was a clear love that seemed to of been shown and that’s how i feel it should be with the other avatars, if that makes sense

personally i felt that Bolin had the Avatar instinct of the true love at first sight, yea he’s the ladies man and at first he just saw a pretty thing that wanted to see the tournament but after a while you realize he truly deeply cared about her especially in the episode where he also had his heart broken.

I feel like the creators simply had korra liking Mako because of it’s zutara likeness, no they are completely different people but think about it, korra and katara and then mako and zuko

they share some similarity but are still different.

I really hope that if makorra shippers read this they dont hate me, i respect them but i just cant force myself to see what they see, and i’ve given it time to try and have it sink in but i just can’t see it.

I honestly ship borra, because i think of it this way, bolin gets friendzoned by korra and if you’ve ever been friendzoned or have done the friendzoning it just seems that sometimes the people we friendzone or get friendzoned are the perfect for us, they just aren’t ready for us.

if any of that makes sense.

i think i’m done with my rant but just a side note, i don’t want to receive hate i feel   fandoms lose their meaning when shipping interferes to much